Harness the Power of BRIBERY

to Build Backlinks and Buzz for your Site

While You Sleep.


Recruit an army of backlinkers on autopilot with this unique WordPress plugin.

    Building backlinks can be tedious. It can be risky, and it is rarely fun.

    So why do we all do it?

    Because it works!

    But it’s not always easy. We all know enough not to put all our eggs into one link-strategy basket, since that will inevitably lead to the day when Google cracks down and your site vanishes from the visible web.

    Sadly, most sites don’t produce a lot of link-bait to naturally grow backlinks, and for those sites it often seems like¬† aren’t enough ways to compete in the backlink arms race to protect against the next Google slam.

    RewardingPosts is designed to solve that problem.

    It is a uniquely designed WordPress plugin that will create an entirely new stream of backlinks and traffic to your site by letting you offer free digital products in exchange for links.

    Here’s How it Works

    FIRST, you create a report, set of graphics, some PLR, or anything else you think your target audience might be interested in. Icons and themed graphic sets seem to work very well, and even if you’re not the least bit artistic, you can get these done at Fiverr as cheap as can be.

    NEXT, install the RewardingPosts plugin and set up the file you created as a free download on your blog.

    FINALLY, you post about your freebie on your blog, in blog comments or on forums, then sit back and use the RewardingPosts administration area to track all the incoming links that are being created by other bloggers.

    And for each person that blogs about your freebie, more people will see, link and download your file, creating what can be a considerable web of non-spammy links to your site.

    You can run as many offers as you want on your blog, and each of them will be tracked separately.

    Just think, each week you can start a new stream of backlinks, while the old ones are still driving new links and traffic to your site!

    RewardingPosts is an inexpensive and easy way to start a new, non-spammy web of links back to your site. You can’t afford to pass this one by.

    RewardingPosts WordPress Plugin


    P.S. I could keep this plugin all to myself, but the beauty of this system is that there is absolutely no need to. Freebies aren’t competitive. In fact, they’re cooperative. People who will download one freebie are just as likely if not more so to download another. So if you’re offering something good, let me know, and I’ll link to you too!